THE HIDDEN TALENT OF Princess Miselo Kaarde..

One of her own designs. Amazing creation.
About ten years ago, I met a wonderful girl (now a very beautiful lady). Her name is Princess Miselo Bwale Kaarde. A Zambian lady, married and living in Denmark. We met at a modelling agency called; International Agency for African Models (IAAM). This Agency was one of the few modelling agencies in Zambia if not the only one back then. It belonged to a Canadian gentleman by the name of Eric. She was and still is one of the sweetest person I know. Just her smile used to light up the room every time she comes in. And there was just something so unique about her that drove me close to her. She was a very happy person and always carried herself with so much confidence. Lots of the girls envied her because she was the kind of person who got along with everyone and she treated everyone the same. I was happy to be in her "friends circle". About two years ago, we both discovered that we were cousins. That was an amazing discovery! And we have become even more close than before. Imagine the combination of friendship and cousin...its a BOMB! LOL! In Denmark, her home is my home and her family is my family. DESTINED to be together! God bless her.

This is one of my favorite dresses she has ever made! 
I have known that she has had the passion for modelling. You cant blame her, she has the height, the body, the beauty and off course the brains. She persuaded her career as a model and in 2011 she participated in the Zambian Top Model were she came out one of the top three finalist! out of hundreds of girls who took part. I remember, I was in the United Kingdom at that time when she called me telling me the good news...,I screamed!!! I was so proud of her and so happy that tears rolled down my cheeks.


Recently, Miselo shocked me with her hidden talent of designing and tailoring. She is so gifted and believe it or not, all these dresses in these pictures, were designed and tailored by herself! And she is is the model. The black dress is simply stunning! these are the kind of gowns we see on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Miselo started designing at the age of eight. She didn't know how to sketch but she was very smart, what she used to do was to take her fabric to the tailor, tell him exactly what she wants and if he makes it any difference than her original plan, she would get a needle and correct it. She continued doing that, till she decided to go for a short tailoring course, just to have basic knowledge on cutting fabrics and how to sew. She bought herself a machine and she would make clothes for some people and especially for herself.

Some of her designs.
Her dream is to one day showcase her designs at the Mercedes Fashion Show in New York city. That's her childhood dream. She has the talent, the passion and the drive and I believe sooner than expected, she will live her dream and I will blog about her...,again! My African Super Woman! I am so proud of you girl!

"If you can DREAM it, you can DO it."

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