Are you single and dream about your wedding day? Or are you married and have a fantasy of a perfect wedding? While, dreaming is the most exciting thing I believe ..because it is limitless. Today am gonna share with you every girl's dream...My Dream Wedding. I want to keep it simple, very intimate, very cosy and it should match my personality.

While, I would like to go for something that is flattering a little bit...,something that will show off my best assets..both front and back...heheheh..if you know what i mean ;-) . So for my perfect dress I would go for Justin Alexander's Signature Silk duplon mermaid gown, its simple and very classy.

While, it shouldn't be very dramatic with lots of decorations. I don't want it to be the centre of attraction....that is mine alone LOL! I will keep it simple with some very meaningful details like some white rose flower decorations on it.."white rose flower means purity and innocence" by the way.

Maybe one of the above cakes, they are very simple and not so much going on with them.

I want flowers that mean love, purity, innocence, happiness, desire, long life, joy and all the beauty that marriage can bring in your life. Flowers that celebrate love and life. So I would go for flowers like Red and 
White Chrysanthemum, Red, White Rose flowers, Tulip, Peony, Orchid, Ivy, Lilies and flowers like that.

I have just observed that most brides like to make their bridesmaid wear ugly dresses in order not to make the bride look awful just in case her dress isn't pretty enough to make her the centre of attention. Mine will be different, I want the girls to look sexy and feel pretty..,its their big day too. I have some ideas of the dresses that am gonna share with you below, dresses that they are actually going to be wearing even after the party. These are definitely not my colours but i just want you to have an idea of the dresses.

 Simplicity is beautiful I believe.                                  

I will share with you more about my DREAM WEDDING in my next post. Will share with you my wedding shoes, hair do and accessories, make up, also will share with you the attire for the groomsmen and all that.

This song is just perfect for your big day. (you listen to this song below, you feel like you wanna get married if you are not, and if you are..,it makes you feel like getting married all over again)


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