We all have stories that inspire, motivate, heal, encourage etc. Whatever story that you have that can change someones life is welcome. Or maybe you are a hero in your family or community and you want to share what you do with the world. Or maybe you just want to have your profile published for the world to know what you do or who you are. If you have a story or anything that you want to share with the world via African Super Woman, the following is how you can go about it;

Send an email to 
Inonge P Mubita at; with the following;

1. Write a brief introduction of yourself. Include your gender, city or town and country.
2. Write briefly the story you want to share.

I will get back to you and arrange an interview or a chat if you wish. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, I will reach you.

Thank you and God bless you.


*For general enquiries and advertising, use the same email address as above.

Also find me on the following social networks;
facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, slideshare, google+, bloglovin, pinterest, stumbleupon.

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