How To Act On Your Faith


*You see, when Noah was promised rain, he had no clue when the rains were going to come but he believed God's promise and he acted on it by building a boat.
Listen, that one thing you have been praying to God for, what actions are you taking today that shows that you have faith and believe it will come to pass? God works with what you have and on the level of faith you operate on. You may read my post and think, "Inonge, are you nuts! maybe a little hahahahaha!, but what is faith without action? (James 2:26)
*God may have told you that one day you are gonna be the fastest runner in the world but if all you do is sit on the couch all day and play games, how will God work with you in order to deliver that promise? You need to act on it, start jogging and exercising with the promise of being the fastest runner in mind.
*God promised you a ministry, don't just sit there and dream of it to miraculously come into existence. Start praying about it and start speaking to the right people and making plans on how you want your ministry to be like etc.
*That business that you believe God has promised you, start working on it. Draw up a business plan and start saving up to finance it etc.
*The baby God promised you. receive it in the spirit, pray as if you are pregnant already. Speak life into the child’s life. Pick a name for the baby and start saving up for a baby shower etc.
Start taking little steps of faith and let God work out the rest. All He is waiting for is for you to start taking actions. Remember, God is NOT man that He should lie, if He said He will do it, then it shall come to pass.(Numbers 23:19)
****Hebrews 11:1****

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