I am a Zambian young woman. Ex-model, a fashionister, a visionary entrepreneur. Above all a writer. I have a college diploma in Social Work and in Information Systems and Programming.

As a writer; (my first public contribution was in a newspaper called "Trendsetters" back in my high school days, were I wrote about the risk of HIV/AIDS in schools. I have written a few more articles since and I have contributed to Beauty Zambia magazine once and People magazine (South Africa) once. Early 2014, I decided to create blogs that I can write on and express myself freely. I have four personal blogs, Travel To Zambia and African Super Woman blogs are the ones I am most passionate about. On the side bar of this blog, you will see a list of "MY OTHER BLOGS".

I am passionate about writing. I blog about anything that interest me, my blogs are my babies and they are kind of an extension of my personality, they reflect who I am as a person and what I represent.
I read quite a lot too, from spiritual books (I am a christian and I believe in God) to motivational books and anything in between. I am a bit low on fiction books. In my book collection you will find lots of personal help books, business and entrepreneurship books. 

-I collect African jewellery
-I love to cook
-I have a very unique ABILITY to bring ANY idea to life and --paint a picture on it.
-I have about 1000 books and 80% of them are self help books.
                            AFRICAN SUPER WOMAN
African Super Woman is basically about African women. I focus on the lives of African women on the African continent as well as in the diaspora. There is a number of emerging powerful African women at the moment who are taking on the world by force! I would love to say that the continent is changing economically and women are taking up responsibilities in contributing to the change.

I am also looking into ordinary African women with extra-ordinary abilities to help their families etc. It can be a street vendor or a granny in the village. I believe African women are the strongest in the world! And I am talking of inner strength.

When you think of a "superwoman" from just the top of your head, you would be thinking of a woman with strange powers, super powers, inhumanly powers..,just like we see in comic books. But as per my blog title; I am focusing on my African super women whom I believe deserve this kind of a title. The wives, the mothers, the sisters, the aunties, the entrepreneurs and all the ladies who are doing everything humanly possible to save the day be it in their homes, schools, co-operate world, politics, villages, communities etc. My FOCUS is on these women. I want to know them, read about them, write about them and share with you my readers. I want to be the one to tell their stories, to be their voice. These women are my inspiration, they make me believe in a whole different Africa in the years to come. Most of these women have stories that might just change your thinking or the way you look at things. African women are taking up challenges of being at the top.., levelling with the men and it is really amazing. Its our time for this kind of change.

On the lighter note, I will also share tips on fashion, beauty, business, culture e.t.c..


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