The most Expensive Shoes in the World!

Ladies, Iknow how much we love shoes, Personally have more pairs of shoes than cloths. I know someone who has about 500 pairs of shoes and still counting! Shoes are just something that makes you look and feel like princesses Cinderella. Sometimes we buy shoes and never wear them..,we bought them simply because they were looking really good at the shelves in the store and we imagined how they would look on our shoe stand. I love shoes so much that i have planned to have the biggest shoe collection in my ''little world''.

OK, so Ilove shoes and Would wear the same clothes and over again as long as i have a good pair of shoes on. This is how much Ilove shoes and you will agree with me ladies ...the real shoe lovers, that once you see a good pair in a store..,your heart just jumps and you wont stop thinking about it for hours or days and you will even tell your friends about that shoe. Yes, it is a woman's crazy world that a pair of a shoe can just take her on top of the world, Lets look at some of the most expensive shoes in the entire world!! Crazy price tags..,You must really own this world to own shoes like these.

These are Harry Winston Ruby slippers. PRICE; $3,000,000
Nizam Sikandar Jah Slippers. PRICE; $160,000
Stuart Weitzman's Diamond Stilettos. PRICE; 500,000
These are Christopher Michael. They are made with over 2,200 solid gold and about 30 carats. PRICE; $1,555,000
 Kathryn Wilson Shoes. PRICE; $276,237
Roger Vivie's Dovima Shoes. PRICE; $46,420

Stuart Weitzman Shoes. PRICE; $1,600,000
Stuart Weitzman Shoes. PRICE; $3,000,000(CRAZY...!)
Stuart Weitzman shoes. PRICE; 1,000,000
Stuart Weitzman Shoes. PRICE; $2,000,000

I guess its OK to dream once in a while...,Every girl's dream is to have a few pairs of great shoes but at these prices, i would say "welcome to the DREAM WORLD... ;-)


  1. Buy the shoes. And we are not eating anything our whole lives. Hahaha


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