African American Celebrity HairStyles we LOVE.

Harry Berry
As an African woman, we come to really struggle with what kind of hairstyles to go with. Even if we wear weave or we have Afro hair, it is difficult to really know what suits you. I have done different hairstyles and permed my hair in different styles many times till i came to one hairstyle that really suits me, i think i like this bulky hairstyle and it has become like my hair statement. I will still try other hairstyles in future but i think i will maintain this one for now till i get fade up with it that is if i will ever get tired of it. We have Hollywood celebrities who have maintained the same hairstyles and they still look good. Some of them change it from time to time like Rihanna and Solange Knowles but they still good and even if they change it, they still maintain some sort of  ''same hair concept'' and i like it. Lets look at some of these celebrities now;

We have Rihanna who just looks fabulous in this hairstyle, it shapes her face. She changes hairstyles sometimes but she has maintained this one and it actually looks great. And in my country, maybe its the same everywhere..,when you go to a saloon and you want to do this hairstyle...,you tell the hair dresser that you want a "Rihanna". keep it girl, we love it.

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