While, we all know that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the Liberian president (if you didnt know, now you know ;-) ). Am not a politician or follow politics per say but i am going to talk a bit about this powerful woman and i will not talk about her as a president but as a woman. Am going to look at her achievements and her as a mother..apart from being a President she has had other achievements that are every impressive, she is ranking at 87 by Forbes for being on of the most powerful women. She also won the Noble Peace Price in 2011. 
Maybe i will mention her political side a bit. She is the first black female president and the first African elected female head of state., that's very impressive i would say, no wonder she is known as the "Iron Lady".

Lets get to know Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a bit shall we? Ellen is a mother of four sons and a grandmother of eight children. She was married to James Sirleaf when she was only 17 years old whom she lived with in America but she divorced him at a later stage. Ellen is one of the few women on the African continent who inspire me. She is a strong woman who has fought her way up to the top, she is passionate and a hard worker..,i mean she has been working practically since she was seventeen years old. I have been reading her interview on AllAfrica and something she said caught my eyes and it is stuck in my mind..
"To those who are motivated by me, by my life experience, who see me as a role model, i say, be stead fast in your conviction, in your principle, despite the obstacles and the constraints that you will face; perseverance, commitment, dedication to the things you want to achieve are always the virtues of success".
 By the way, she is a workaholick and she really has no time to do anything else she here to read more about her.

H.E President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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