Well, i didn't know much about this Hot born Zambian Candy till i did a Little research about him and i was amazed with what i found.

Mizinga Anthony Mwinga, was born on the the 3rd of January 1980 in Lusaka, Zambia to a British mother and a Zambian father. When he was 3years old, he moved to London, England and lived there till he was 9. He then moved to Montreal, Canada. He grew up between Montreal and England. He then decided to attend collage in London, Studying Engineering. He wanted to take an English course but it was full and someone suggested that he should try An Introduction To Theatre and Dramatic Arts, he did and he discovered his true passion for acting. He later joined the full two year Theatre and Dramatic Arts programme.

After he completed his studies, he did several plays in various London Theatres at the end of it, he took a break from acting and he decided to travel the world. He visited several countries and cities and through that he developed an interest in different cultures around the world. He then returned to Montreal some years later where he re-discovered his passion for acting and story telling. His big breakthrough came when he landed himself a role in the movie "War Witch" as Grand Tigre Royal, a Congolese rebel. The Movie was a success and it was nominated for the Oscars in 2013.
Mwinga on the set of War Witch

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