LUPITA NYONGO, All You Need To Know.

Lupita Nyongo has become the sweetheart of Africa and the most talked about among the celebrities at the moment. I would say she is the girl or the woman of the moment.., its for this reason that African Super Woman has taken this opportunity to do a research and share with you a few things that you need to know about her. This Golden Globe Award winner with a golden smile has more happening in her life that she can imagine.
She was born in Mexico City in 1983 to Dorothy and Peter Anyang Nyongo. Dorothy is a managing director of the African Cancer Foundation while Peter is a collage professor and now a politician in Kenya. Both her parents are Luo (an ethnic group in Western Kenya), just so you know, President Barack Obama, Tom Mboya, Raila Odinga are also from Luo.

Lupita Nyongo is the second born of six children. Lupita is Mexican-Kenyan because at the time of her birth, her father was a visiting Lecturer in Political Science at El Colegio De Mexico also commonly known as Colmex in Mexico City. Her family had been living there for three years when she was born and when she was less than one year old, her family moved back to Kenya. She grew up in Kenya till she was sixteen years old when her parents sent her back to Mexico to learn Spanish. She can fluently speak Luo, English, Swahili and Spanish.

She graduated from Hampshire Collage with a degree in film and theatre Studies. She also graduated from Yale School of Drama. She worked as part of the production crew for many films including, The Constant Gardener by Fernando Melrelle, also Salvatore Stabile's Where God Left His Shoes. 

In 2008, she returned to Kenya and starred in the Kenyan television series SHUGA, an MTV Base African/UNICEF drama about HIV/AIDS prevention. And in 2009, Lupita Nyongo wrote, directed and produced the documentary In My Genes, about the treatment of Kenya's albino population. Lupita also directed the music video The Little Things You Do by Wahu featuring Bobi Wine which was nominated for the Best Video Award at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2009.

Lupita Nyongo's breakthrough came when she was cast for Steve McQueen's historical drama 12 Years A Slave in 2013. Which won multiple awards and also won her an Oscar at the 2014 Golden Globe AWARDS for the Best Supporting Actress becoming the sixth black actress to win the award, the first African Actress to win the award, the first Mexican actress to wine the award and the first Kenyan to win an Oscar. Lupita is currently living in Brooklyn, USA.


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