I Was Born a Winner..! Failure is not an Option.

I am one of the few people who believe that they were born winners and failure is not in my vocabulary. You know growing up in Africa particularly in Zambia's most remote areas makes you have some kind of limitations in life. In my time, in the mid 90s and early 2000, Chozi wasn't a place that can leave you with lots of imagination but somehow i had a broad imagination and i always used to see myself bigger and very successful. In those times, if i were to tell anyone who knew me in that little town what my dreams were, they would defiantly think i was going nuts. So i kept evrything pretty much to myself. I was someone who dreamt of going to Harvard University or any big University in the United Kingdom or in America, i was one of those kids who used to be very quite and day dream a lot. Am not saying that i achieved my dreams and am actually living them, and yes its been years and i never went to Harvard or anything like that. But in that same small town and my craziness imaginations and dreams, I am one of the best cream that the town has  produced because back then a huge number of girls used to drop out of school and get married and in my class (grade 7) then, we were about 70 pupils and when we wrote the exams, i came out first followed by another girl and the rest were boys. It was then that i started dreaming big. I believed and still believe that i can be anything and that i can do anything i put my minds on. Dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer kicked in, a reporter working for BBC, an Air-Hostess these and many more crazy dreams.

Am now in my late 20s and i have not yet released my dreams. I have tried and tried many things business wise. And i have worked for two companies in my life two...,i have achieved one or two things in my life but I believe I can do more. I was Born to Win and that's what am here on earth for..,Losing is not an option at all. An never gonna give up. I would rather die trying than give up. they say if you want to succeed, you get up and try again every time you fail because you might just get it right the next time you try.

Honestly, i have not idea what i am writing...,to the reader..,hope you get the point and i hope you understand what i am trying to say here. Never ever give up in life, no matter how hard it gets. if you believe in something, let that belief drive you to achieving it. Failure never never an option. Hope am making sense.

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