She looks beautiful. Brown is the colour of her eyes,
they are so beautiful and they shine brighter than the brightest star at night. 

Her smile is warm and the most welcoming.
So warm that it melts the heart of the most wicked man on earth. 
And her teeth are so white like ivory.

She has the figure of a real African woman...a body like a Super model.
And when she walks, she walks majestically and gracefully...,like the queen.

She seem perfect and she seem to hold it all together and she looks like she has it all.
But she is not what she looks like from the inside.

She is lonely, she has so much love inside and she has no one to give it to.
She longs to belong to someone...,to be noticed and to be heard in silence.....,without altering word.

Who can hear her scream from within, who can see how empty her heart is? no one can because to the world, she is the beauty, the queen who has it all.

She seats and waits for someone to hear the cry of her heart.
Someone she can belong to and someone she can truly offload all the beauty and the love that she holds

Her eyes still shines and she continues to smile while she awaitsfor that someone.

By; Inonge P Mubita.


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