The year is coming to an end and well everybody is trying to reflect on what went on during the course of 2014. We take out our diaries and check if we have actually achieved all the things we said we are going to achieve at the beginning of the year. That's how I do it in my personal life. But here on African Super Woman, am going to do something different, I am going to look at the best of African fashion or African trends for 2014, the list is self compiled, so don't judge ;-) . Down below, i have a few trends that i kind of did it for me! I will start with myself. (and like i said, DON'T judge).

I designed this skirt myself (and that's me posing as a model). Its really simple, just a skirt, its a bit like a marmaid bit its longer at the back then a bit shorter at the front, it doesn't look like that in the pictures though. and I just made a small headband to kind of make a ribbon.

More of me in my African Print

(myself again). The ribbon isn't bulky as i would have wanted it to be, but i still have some left over fabric that I can play around with. I am also thinking of doing a ball tie of the same African print fabric to go with the outfit.


I have been surfing the net for sometime looking for the best of African fashion of 2014. Africa is really raising higher than an eagle in the world of fashion today and I give thumbs up to all the designers out their who are making headlines and making the African Continent shine with extra-ordinary talent!
Number 1 and 4 are kind of my favourites. I like the way they shape the body, and they are very simple designs. Sometimes simplicity is the best! Number 2 has been the most flattering design for an African print skirt, its simple and yet elegant. Also the colour in this particular one is just perfect. Number 3 is a wow!!! I love it, love it and love it!! its simple yet sexy!! And finally number 5, this one is great for when you are going to very respectable social events and you wanna look hot, fashionable, sexy and yet decent.

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