Enrolled at Ife University at age 14 and designed her first building at age 23: Meet Nigeria's leading architect

There are some professionals that have been said to be for men. But women disagree with that and they are. coming out and joining these professionals known to be for "men". I recently came across a story of Olajumoke Adenowo, a very successful Nigerian architect. She is a true African Super Woman.

Olajumoke Adenowo
Olajumoke Adenowo is one of Africa's leading female architects. She enrolled into Ife University at the age of 14 and at the age of 19, she had her first degree. At age 23, she designed her first building; the Federal Ministry of Lands in Abuja, Nigeria. At age 25 she opened up her own company called AD Consulting. While she was still in school, she won several awards for her academic work which included best student in design in the BSc.

Its been 21 years since Adenowo went solo and opened her own company and her success over the years can only be a reflection of a dreamer's passion for her work. She has won several awards as an architect. Apart from these achievements, she hosts her own radio show mentoring women and this has seen her receive several recommendations from the likes of the United Nations Information Centre over the years.

Early this year she was on CNN and this is what she said about her organisation called "Awesome Treasures Foundation" which she founded in 1999, which helps mentor women and young girls. She said; "We believe the greatest need of Africa is leadership, vision. Strong people who are ready to give their all to say, 'this is the way', and Awesome Treasures is here to address that need, to raise transformation leaders."

"The passion comes from my clients. I feed off their energy.., I would do anything for my clients to make sure that their buildings come out the way they do." Adenowo

It is women like her who inspired me to create this blog. Well done Adenowo. Looking forward to seeing your dream come true; designing a building that would define Nigeria's identity.

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