She is STRONG, she is TOUGH and she knows exactly what she wants in life. She doesn't like the title of a house-wife anymore. she is tired of looking at the world from her great grandmother's point of view....,she is coming out very strong, vibrant and smart...ready to take over the world. she is ready to make a name for herself, she is tired of staying home and looking after the kids and taking care of her husband's needs.

She is going back to school. She wants to advance in her education...she is arming for a degree and a MasterS degree thereafter. She is taking the world by force and no one is gonna stop her. oh yes! she is married, she has 4 kids and she is taking care of her husband's two siblings...,and YES its a full house, its a lot to take but she can handle it. she is my....AFRICAN SUPER WOMAN!

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