My African Super Woman

Am going to give you many personal definitions of an African super woman. and like i said...,they are my own PERSONAL definitions. And one of them is as follows;

She is the woman you find on the streets selling vegetables and fresh fruits. she has been doing this for many years and you can trace the years on her face...,she has this dark patches on her face from the heart. She is known by many because of her gracious smile on her face as she sells her goodies. She always has this welcoming smile on her face that draws many to her stand. if you look at her smile, you might think she has no story to tell but behind her precious and welcoming smile, she has tales to tell.

She wakes up at 5am every morning to go and get the fresh goodies from the farmers. and by 8am, she is already at her stand and the vegetables and fruits are ready to be sold. She always carries this baby on her back and you all wonder how she manages with this baby..,you also wonder if the baby is hers because she is too old to have one. But just in case you want to know, the baby is for her last born daughter who became pregnant while she is still in school. And this precious super woman, can't let her daughter drop out of school because of that. So, she has taken over the baby and her daughter is back in school.

This African super woman has ten children at home she is taking care of and she is managing paying school fees for all of them through her business. Oh Yes she does. Three of her children are in collage, four of them are in high school and two are in Primary school. Plus the baby on her back needs porridge and milk everyday. Apart from all the expenses, she needs to make sure that her family is fed every single day. 

Where is her husband you may wonder, he is at home getting drunk everyday and he doesn't even care about anything. He wakes up with a bottle in his hand and he goes to bed with a bottle in his hand. That's her story and her children will be the Diplomats and high government officials.....,our future leaders.

She is my African Super Woman!

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