When you hear this word, your mind immediately races to MONEY. Yes, to most of us we link success to financial freedom or wealth but actually Success is more than that. I will try to write down what i understand about this great word. Actually my partner and i were just talking about it this morning and he said something that has stuck in my head about Success.

For me success is more than money and to be successful is more than just having a financial freedom or having wealth. Making other people happy and putting a smile on someones face is a success. being happy with yourself is a success, encouraging someone who is feeling low is also part of success, having a great and happy family is success, having a healthy relationship with people around you at work or school is success, the list is endless.

Lets look at the most people that we call "successful people", how many of them are actually happy? i am not going to mention any names...,do a survey yourselves but i will tell you one thing, only a few of these people are actually happy. For me you are not successful if you are miserable or if you make other people miserable no matter how much billions of dollars you are worthy. In this context, i say that being happy is the greatest success and happiness comes in many forms e.g doing something for someone like taking care of their dog, helping your parents with chores makes you happy then good ..that's great because not many people can do that.


Just like i mentioned earlier.., success also means happiness. I believe that if you want to do a business and you want it to be a success, you should do a business that in lines with what makes you happy. for example if you love cooking, why don't you start a restaurant and give it all that you have. if you are a good singer, then sing. Basically we were all given some talents that we were born with by God, and these are the things that we enjoy doing everyday...,like singing, cooking, taking pictures, writing etc. Use that to become what you want to be. Let something that comes naturally to you bring you the success that you want.

And when it comes to business, don't underestimate the beginning. start from something small..,and start with what you have, it can not be much to some people but it is something to you. start with that and be happy with it. nature it and watch it grow..., that's your baby and once it grows and becomes visible to the world, you will be so proud and so happy and that is what i call success. 

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