Have You Ever Seen A 63 Years Old Woman Look This Fabulous? Be Inspired

Wendy Ida
What do you do when your whole world crumbles down on you? What do you do when all hope is gone and there seems likes a million mountains in front of you...and you just cant seem to find your way out? Other People just give up and commit the most unthinkable action as a way out.."SUICIDE". But there are people who refuse to give up, people who speak to those mountains in front of them and command them to move! These are the people who inspire and who have changed the way we look at things, they inspire us, we get encouraged and indeed they give us hope. People like Wendy Ida, a 63 years old woman who refused to bow down to the mountains of her life that she was facing and commanded them to move..and make way for her.

About a week ago, I watched "Girl Talk", the one for T.D Jakes ministry, presented by Sarah Jakes and her mother. It was a very inspiring topic they had with  some very notable guest like Meagan M. Good, Nicole A. Parker to mention but a few. It was a general discussion forum about women, their independence, relationships etc but what really got me was seeing a 63 years woman who looks 35! You would have never guessed her age. She was there to encourage women on how they can move on despite of whatever might be dragging them down. Here is Wendy Ida's story...

Wendy Ida grew up in poverty and she almost lost her life in domestic violence. Wendy, like most women today suffered domestic violence for 13 years before she found herself. It took her a while to actually gather her guts and put her foot down....and say, "Enough is Enough". Listen to her in her own words.......
"I suffered physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse fro 13 years before I found the courage to run across the country with my two babies and only the clothes on our backs. My babies were a huge motivator in taking the risk to take the last ditch effort to escape, because I saw that their lives were vastly being affected. Before my escape, I didn't quite frankly think I was going to past the age of 43.., and I came close to that many times and I am confident that if I had stayed where I was that my saga wouldn't have ended. Once I got safe and settled, I wanted to feel better, because for 13 years, I was constantly tired and my self-esteem suffered; I needed answers and I needed help, and that was the beginning of my motivation towards the healthier side of life. It took a while because I was a fast food junkie but I was tired of being sick and tired". Wendy Ida via Black Fitness Today.
Wendy Ida; BEFORE and AFTER.
Wendy started eating healthy and excising at the age of 43 and she was about 80 pounds (about 36 kg) overweight at that time. There was no turning back for her

Wendy Ida is now the best-selling author, speaker, life reinvention strategist, fitness expert and TV host. She has written a book called "Take Back Your Life, my no nonsense approach to health, fitness and Looking Good Naked". Wendy Ida is what I would call a multi-achiever without limits. She is an 8 time award winning National Champion of top trophy awards in the NPC Body Building and Figure Championships as well as a Strive to Thrive Fitness Expert touring with Actor Boris Kodjoe and his gorgeous actress wife Nicole Ari Parker.

I guess what they say is true, "AGE IS NOTHING BUT A NUMBER". I know they say; "Black Never Cracks", but this is too good to believe. But again, I guess, you can achieve and be anything if you just make up your mind and do it.....Thumbs up to you Wendy and we hope to see many women stepping out and changing their lives too.
Watch Wendy do some real moves in this video. And 63!!


  1. wow! Wendy is a living testimony that once you set your mind on something you can achieve it. "Girl,Black don't crack!"

    I'd love to have you visit my blog. It's

    1. Yes she is. I want to look like her in the next 35years. She is an inspiration to many

    2. Yes she is. I want to look like her in the next 35years. She is an inspiration to many

    3. Yes she is. I want to look like her in the next 35years. She is an inspiration to many


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