Ladies, we have been told so may things about our Flower. lots of myths too but there is just a few things that really bothers me and i would like to know if am the only one who is really bothered by the following things.

As African women and particularly Zambian women we are taught and told so many things about our Rose Flower. how we are to clean it and how to make it tight and feel small. People who teach us about these things do it with good intentions but the methods are what bothers me a bit. i will give you an example, there is this soap in Tanzania called the " Virgina soap" (someone once gave me some a few years ago,it looks suspicious. it doesn't even have a nice packaging). this soap is believed to reduce the size of your inside.., you have to inset it inside your Flower and let it stay in you for a few hours! ladies, this is a soap for God's sake...,its probably has never been clinically proven or anything like that. anyway, that's my opinion. we have people who insert ice-cubes and they insert all manner of things inside.

Am just wondering..., could these things we are busy inserting inside contribute to the Cervical Cancer that is rising among our women in our communities today? what do you.....? Have your SAY!

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