WHITE WEDDING; Her DREAM...,Please give her a break! ;-)

They say a wedding is every woman's DREAM. I think I can agree with that. and its not just about the "wedding" you know....I mean the occasion itself...,for me it about the DRESS. It all starts when you are a little girl, you know..,dressing up your Barbie doll. And when you went to a wedding with your parents, you looked at the bride like she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen all because she is wearing that beautiful white gown. you get stuck with the dream of wearing a dress like that one day when you are marrying the love of your life. Its a beautiful feeling and its a beautiful dream but things change along the way. You don't get to wear that dress but you get married anyway...,you see that dream fading away and you kind of accept it and move on with your life.

Hold on a minute lady..., now that you are already married and you didn't get to wear your dream wedding gown, who said you cant now?...I mean if its still something that you would want. There are so many reasons why you didn't wear that beautiful dress that you dreamt of all your life..., maybe you became pregnant outside wedlock and your family decided that you should just marry like that (very common in Africa). Or maybe your husband and you didn't have enough money to have a wedding or whatever reason that you have that made you not have your dream come true. I say you can still have that dream come TRUE. Read my next chapter...;

While, its your dream and why not make it a reality now. There is no rule that tells you when you can wear that dress. Ok, there is one maybe...the one that have to wear it on your wedding whats the point now because you are already married. My suggestion is; On your next wedding anniversary with your husband...celebrate it in style..., buy that white beautiful dress of your dream..organise your BFF and or your kids to act as bridal party..,wear that dress like its actually your wedding day...,(it wont have the meaning of course but wearing that dress is what is the most important).., let your husband dress up.., go and take lots of pictures in it and have dinner or lunch or a small party with your friends and family. There you go.,the dream doesn't have to change...its just the scenario that changes. GO GET THAT DRESS!!!!


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