RESPECT. What it means to your man.

You are a young woman now and there is a suitor who has come to your doorstep for your hand in marriage...,its beautiful and everyone is excited and happy for you. Your mother or anyone you are staying with would organise some elder women in your community who would sit you down and teach you how to take care of your man, how to take care of your house and your body, how to take care of his relatives etc. Anyway, this is how it goes back home as far as i know..traditionally. Its beautiful and you get all the wisdom that will help you take care of your home and your marriage......but i am hear to talk about RESPECT for the man in your life be it your husband or your boyfriend.

While, we are taught to kneel down when representing food to your husband, don't talk much when he has company, call him "bashi Chanda" (Chanda's father) in the home especially when the in-laws are around etc (traditionally. and that's what i know...) though things are done differently in the modern days..But to me, respect is more than that. Actually respect to him means more than love.

I believe a man would rather feel respected than loved (this is what i believe, you have the right to put an argument with this i don't mind but this is my opinion). You may love your man with all that you have inside of you but if you don't respect him..that love to him means absolutely nothing. A man's ego is so different from us and make sure you don't break it and disrespecting him can easily do that.

So, what do i really mean by RESPECT for your man, while..., a man needs to feel that he is in charge..that he is the man in the relationship and this means you have to respect his opinions, when you argue, don't talk back to him as if you were talking to a kid otherwise that will bruise his ego. Don't argue with him in front of his friends or in public. If he feels that he needs space and he needs to be alone, respect that and give him that space (we all need it from time to time). Respect his ability to provide or do something. Don't belittle him or compare him to someone else. He may not be the perfect man (believe me, there is no perfect man in this world) but he is your man and respect him for being that man. So ladies, you may add on to this chapter everything that you think a man needs to feel respected. And if he feels the respect that he needs from you, he will move mountains in your favour ;-) .
The KEY to a happy and healthy relationship is, Love and RESPECT. Let Love and respect be present in your relationship.

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