Curves, Curves, Curves!

Not so long ago, women were so pressured to be skinny..,because being skinny was sexy and if you have a few flash on your behind, you were considered to be FAT. Worse in the show business were you had a size 0 or whatever the smallest size there is to be considered sexy and beautiful. Women would do the impossible to actually be skinny and not to be called FAT. The catwalk models were the worse victims. I am curvilicious and i am an ex model so i know what i am taking about. I once heard some people calling me FAT from the audience when i was doing Miss Zambia Open University (it was a small pageant and the University had just been opened) some years back...,just because i had bigger curves than the rest of the girls...,that actually crushed me because back then i was weighing between 49 and 52kgs. My modelling       career didn't really go very far, but yeah..that was my experience. So yes, skinny was beauty. But today things have changed..

Hollywood is embarrassing curves and the whole industry is at the moment. We now models that are called the + Models...,these are models with curves and flesh on them. oh yeah, i can proudly say thank God for my curves. The industry is changing and the curvy women are making names for themselves in Hollywood for having the perfect bodies. And i would say there are women who are now going through a lot just to have some curves. we have women going know, putting silicon or whatever to enhance there hips and behinds...and we now have padded pants (scroll down and you will see a picture of them).

So, curvy ladies, lets embrace what God gave to us naturally. The A-List ladies like Beyonce, Tyra, Kim, JLo to mention but a few are doing it, lets join them and thank God for being curvilicious!

And if you are skinny or petite or whatever your body shape is..,be happy with it because as long as you are a woman, you are beautiful. Remember, women are the flowers of this world.                  

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