10 Office Outfits ideas (pick of the week)

Its a new week ladies and its back to the office. We all know that picking up cloths to wear to the office can be hectic sometimes. Personally, i have had trouble with choosing formal cloths in my closet an i believe its the same with most ladies.
Choose office cloths from your closet over the weekend. if you are at the office five days a week, then pick five outfits. I also know that, even if you are able to choose outfits for the whole week, you may find yourself not knowing what to wear. so pick outfits that you can easily mix and match. I have a few ideas for you.
LOOK ONE; I don't know what colour looks good on you but i like this combination of yellow and blue. its just simple and sexy, you can pull this one off. And it goes well on all skin colour.
LOOK TWO; Well, if you are anything like me, this will be your favourite look. I like dark colours and i think black goes well with any colour but this combination of nude makes it look even hotter and sassy! Best look if you are in your late 20s or in your 30s.
LOOK THREE; Like look two, this is a great combination of colour. the outfit is young and sexy, if you are in your early 20s, this is a perfect look for the office. I like the top, because you can easily remove the jacket and hit the party after work with the girls.
LOOK FOUR; Do you like colour? especially yellow? if yes, then this is for you. Yellow and grays..,wow! really great. I love this colour, am not a yellow fun but this combination makes me want to own yellow. I just love it. Its a great outfit for all ages.
LOOK FIVE; Here i go again with nudes and black..hehehehe! I LOVE nudes and black. This is a serious look for that meeting you will be having this week. I love the heels, really sexy. anyone can pull this look off.
LOOK SIX; oh YES! We are going white! believe me, i am not a fun of all white but there are those of you who love white and i think white looks really good with the right make-up on your face. Also mind the jewellery, you don't want to have too much bling bling because it might kill the who idea of "lady in white".
LOOK SEVEN; This look is like saying.."i mean serious business", its simple, its sophisticated and its really a perfect look for executives and people in higher positions ;-)
LOOK EIGHT; Blue and white, its thumbs up ladies. Simple, sexy, sassy, and suitable for all age group. i love it love it love it!!!!
LOOK NINE; If you work at a company were you are allowed to wear casual sometimes, then i would pick this look. At my former workplace, Friday was a casual day and everyone was allowed to wear jeans and all. as long as its a decent look. And i love jeans , i used to enjoy Fridays. I'm sure that its the same with many companies. Anyway, this look is really hot. We have gone with the earthy colour because after work, you can just freshen up in the ladies and off you go parting.
LOOK TEN; Lastly but not the least, we have the floral shirt. Floral is just the best and it has become the best trend of all season. though hard to pull off, it is a young kind of look. Its playful and you will look pretty in it. Sometimes you wanna look fresh and feel you especially if you have a stressful work, this one is for you.

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