While, I believe that the Virgina is the most precious and  the most sensitive part of a woman's body. God designed it in a way that it should clean itself just like the rest of the inside body e.g the skin, the tummy etc cleanses themselves so does the Precious Rose Flower...,Let me just borrow a paragraph from the professions..,just in case you disagree..,

Step away from the soap and harsh cleansers, gals. Your vagina keeps itself clean. “It’s lined by a variety of glands that produce the fluids needed to both lubricate and cleanse the vaginal area,” says Lisa Stern, APRN, a nurse practitioner who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. “The vast majority of vaginal infections I see in my office are self-induced—generally by women who think they’re doing a good thing by washing their vagina with soap and water, or worse, with douche.” Bath products, particularly those with chemical dyes or fragrances, can irritate the vagina and wash away the beneficial lubricants and flora (bacteria and yeast) that are normal and natural, she says. When these beneficial compounds get washed away, anaerobic bacteria and yeast proliferate and can cause symptoms like discharge, odour and itching. Lesson learned: While a little mild soap on the labia area is OK, your body does a fine job of keeping the insides clean. 

Ladies, Have your say!!!

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