Inside My Closet...(Vintage Sunday)

Okayyyy! So, last Sunday (yesterday), I decided to pull a Vintage dress and try to pull that 80's look when going to church. It wasn't bad I guess, though the whole outfit doesn't look "Vintage" but I loved it. The dress is very comfortable and it is a perfect fit. I just love it!
DRESS =us$0.50 & SHOES (Ebay UK) £5
BELT= us$0.50 & HEADWRAP= us$0.2
Here we go lol! The dress I am wearing was bought from a flea market here in Lusaka, Zambia we call it "salaula", you know, a second hand clothing market ;-) . In Europe (at least where I have been) you don't sell then on the streets but you can find them in "Charity shops" or "the Red Cross shops", I remember a few years ago when I was in Leicester, UK, I used to go to "carboot sales" to find some nice second hand goodies or clothes ;-) . And in Denmark, I still visit the "charity shops" from time to time ;-) . Oh YES! I do, you find very nice cloths and with nice labels there ;-) and at a very very nice price. In Zambia I would say "mutengo waku church" :-D meaning at a"church price".., it means they are really cheap.

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