Pictures You Want To See (The Kasumbalesa Business)

Remember the story I published a few weeks ago (Trading At Kasumbalesa, My Experience)? well, I found more pictures on my laptop today of that trip and my experience. I just thought I should share with you. Enjoy ;-) 
About to start off from Kasumbalesa to Lusaka. We had to get on a truck, on the back with all the coldness of Zambian winter.
This is at the Village were we went to look for goats in Southern Zambia
Waiting for transport to take us to a nearby town where we could get on a truck. This cow was our transport.
This is a funny one lol! My friend Nanzila was having issues the her goat, it didn't want to move, she decided to carry it by force!
I don't know if i mentioned in my article, but we also bought these pigs. Oh yes, we carried them on our own.., no men involved lol!
This is the village in Mazabuka where we were received. I was trying to find some network connection around 5am.
Pulling my very stubborn goat with all my strength
Getting ready to get on this truck to take us to the village in Mazabuka.
My friend Nanzila
Found some guys making fire at some car wash, we decided to join and make ourselves warm.
This is some restaurant in Choma were we had some breakfast. We were broke, we couldn't go to a fancy  one lol!
THE DRY FISH BUSINESS; This a truck that carries all your goodies, all these bundles are bundles of dry fish. The truck comes with the fishermen from Southern Zambia and comes with them to Lusaka (Ku-mobil, behind Chibolya). Then we buy the fish and use the same truck to transport it to Kasumbalesa.

And we get on this bus and the truck with the fish follows behind.


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