Embracing Your Natural Look; Going Afro

Sometime last year, I shared a post with you about natural short hair. I had just cut my hair at a time. I went natural for a well but I went back to my extensions and weaves lol! I have always had weaves, extensions, braids and wigs on.. almost my entire adulthood. I wouldn't leave the house with my natural hair, it was like a taboo :-D . I would undo my hair today but I wont leave the house till I have a new hair-do. That went on for a very long time without realising I was damaging my follicles. I also used a lot of creams (hair relaxer creams), that made it worse.

Precious (my cousin)
I think natural Afro hair is Hot, Sexy and Classy. Lots of us "women of colour" like to hide our beauty in all these artificial hair extensions. Some of us don't even remember the last time we walked out of the door with just our natural hair. I have a cousin who is also a very good friend of mine, (Precious) she has had kinky Afro hair for as long as I have known her! She looks really beautiful. When we go out, people would be staring at her hair, others would want to touch it. Its beautiful and she is beautiful too.

Then we have celebrities like Lupita Nyongo, Lira; the South African singer, we have Solange.., to mention but a few who have embraced the natural short hair. I like Lupita's short hair. It looks easy to maintain. I am thinking of keeping mine to that length. Or maybe twist it a bit like Solange's ;-) (thinking...). Lets see how it goes, I might just keep it short and dye it red lol! The options are numinous.

last week I decided to cut my hair once again and let it breath for a while. (the picture above). Honestly speaking, I like this natural short hair look. I think am gonna keep it for a lifetime! I had posted this picture on my facebook timeline, I should say that the response from my friends is quite encouraging. As I am writing this post, I have 116 Likes on it and probably the most liked of my pictures since I joined facebook lol!


The following are the only pictures I could find in my achieves ;-)


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