Meet Chileshe Katongo; A Zambian Health And Fitness "Guru". A Look Into Her World As She Shares Tips On Fitness And Wellbeing

Today on African Super Woman, we have Chileshe Katongo, who is a fitness and health "guru", I like to call her. Today, she shares a few tips on health and fitness. Also a look into her world. I believe being a super woman also means being healthy and in good shape.

ASW: Welcome on African Super Woman, its an honour to finally have you.

Chileshe: Thank you for having me here.

ASW: I see you have a number of post followers on the famous social media network, facebook. And I am pretty sure people have been wondering who you are. Tell us about yourself, who is Chileshe?

Chileshe: Chileshe Katongo is a Zambian currently residing in Thailand. A Social Worker by profession, a business-lady and a beautician.

ASW: We have been friends for seven years now and ever since I have known you, your life has been in the gym. I have tried to follow your footsteps over the years but it hasn't been an easy one for me :-) . How important is exercising and fitness to you?

Chilesh Katongo
Chileshe: Yes African Super Woman, that is correct! The gym has become part of my daily routine and working out is a lifestyle to me. Exercising and fitness is important to my life and I love to take care of myself. The other thing about exercising is that it has truly helped sculpt my body, I am more energetic than ever. The feeling after working out is just amazing, so refreshing.

ASW: You would agree with me that growing up in Africa, women...and men believed that being big or a +size was believed to be a sign of wealth. 

Chileshe: I agree with you and actually there are some people who believe in this myth but which is not the case . Despite saying that, it doesn't matter whatever size and shape someone is in. What matters is health, if someone is a +size and in good health, well and good, same applies to the skinny and slender.

ASW: As modern African women in Africa, exercising is slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. Growing up, we didn't see so many African women work-out, go to the gym as much as they have been doing in the past decade. Women have become so "obsessed" for lack of a better term, with trying to lose some extra pounds. I have seen the length women are willing to go just to lose weight. Sadly, there have been a number of deaths caused by starvation by choice in the name of losing weight. Why do you think women are so much in desperation to lose weight and are willing to go to the extreme?

Chileshe: Women have realised the importance of a healthy lifestyle and it is such a shame that some people resort to quick fixes and end up losing their precious lives. I somehow don't blame them for that because beauty has been portrayed so wrongly by the media. If you have noticed Super Woman, most of the commercials on TV, there is a slender woman or a well built man as if to say, unless you look a certain way, you are not beautiful or handsome.

ASW: You are right Chileshe, the media takes part of the blame. I am a full figured woman myself, its in my genes lol! and I had a few problems the time I was a model. I was a size 6 and weighing between 50-52kgs at a time and yet I was still considered "fat". I guess we need to launch campaigns for +models ;-) .

Well, you do lots of yoga and pilates. What is the difference?

Chileshe: Things are changing slowly, we are seeing a few magazines that are featuring +size models. We are heading in the right direction, its going to take years but it is a step in the right direction.

Well, yoga is an exercise which involves spiritual discipline, breath control, enhance mental awareness, flexibility, and improve posture. Pilates is similar but its workout emphasises the body's core.., the abdomen.

ASW: You have been posting a lot of juicy foods on facebook. Lets talk about dieting. Whats the best way to diet? What kind of foods do you need to be taking when dieting?

Chileshe: Oh yes, I do! I love to share my ideas of show people that eating healthy is not what they think it.., simple foods but very nutritious. When it comes to losing weight, one doesn't need to starve thyself. I hate dieting myself. I tried dieting myself when I started working out but it never did me any good.
"We are what we eat, invest your money in your health and you will never regrate it. No amount of cash has or will ever bought anyone life when things get out of hand". Chileshe
TIP: what I have come to learn to shade off some extra kilos is to eliminate junk foods, processed, fizzy drinks, white bread, sugar, white rice and alcohol. Eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks a day, portion control is very important. Take plenty of water, get enough sleep and exercise.

ASW: You look amazing Chileshe, apart from working out, any personal tips or secrets to looking absolutely gorgeous? :-)

Chileshe: Thank you African Super Woman :-) .
Well, here are my secrets or tips if you like; I eat as much healthy foods as possible...,more vegetables and fruits. I take in enough water and I get atleast 8hrs of sleep a day and more over the weekend lol! I love my sleep.
I never sleep with make-up on, no matter how worsted I may get from buzzing (laughing), I always wash my face before bedtime.

ASW: Lastly but not the least, have you ever considered opening a fitness club for women? Especially in Zambia? 

Chileshe: Well, they say; never say never, maybe one day it will happen. All things are possible with God.

ASW: Thank you for your time. May you continue inspiring and encouraging women on their way to weight lose and fitness. God bless you.

Chileshe: Thank you for having me on African Super Woman. Its an honour.


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