Its Valentine's Day! Be Creative, Make it Memorable.

Hello Lovers and Friends. Its February and we all know what this month is about....,LOVE! Love is in the air. Valentine's day is just around the corner. I know that lots of people are already feeling the pressure. It doesn't matter weather you are in a relationship or not, you are gonna feel the pressure a little bit. But if you are like me who don't believe in valentine's day, then that's a different story. (I believe everyday should be valentine's day).

Anyway, if you are in a relationship either a marriage relationship, a courtship relationship or whatever you are calling your relationship, you are gonna feel pressured with what to get for your partner. Getting a present for a partner on valentine's day is more difficult than getting them a Christmas present. And if you are single, I guess the pressure comes in when you start panicking and trying to find someone you are gonna kiss on that special day. Or you might be having a crush on someone and you are hoping they notice you before Valentine's day (14th February,2015...SATURDAY) .

I am not an expert on Love or romance or anything like that but I Love LOVE! lol! And everything that comes with it...,I mean the romance, the cosyness and just the whole feeling that engulf you when you are in love is fantastic. Am gonna give you a few personal tips on what you can do for your loved one this Valentine's day. I know that relationships are not perfect, you fight, you disagree on small matters, you stop talking to each other sometimes but once in a some loving gestures for each other..and valentine's day is one of the special day that you wanna show your partner that you still care and love them. I know a few couples that only buy flowers for each other only on valentine's day.....yep!

Married or living together

For the Man; Gentlemen, women are very easy to impress. We are so easy that you will be amazed at the things that makes us go wild. For example, bring her some flowers and some chocolates. Then later in the evenings, take her out to a very nice restaurant for a candlelight dinner. I know maybe most of you do this more often but make it special by dressing up in your favourite suit or your tuxedo. Open the car for her, at the restaurant, pull the chair for her, remove her coat. While you wait for the food, hold her hand..,keep looking into her eyes while you talk to her. For once, switch off your phone and don't look at it the whole evening. Tell her how beautiful she looks, how much you love her..., we just love to hear you tell us all the nice things. After dinner, you can go dancing if you are a party people otherwise, take her home. If you have kids, arrange for a sleep over somewhere so that it can only be the two of you. Then play some slow jams from the 90's (if you grew up in the 90's like me) or pick your favourite love songs from your collection. Slow dance with her, make her feel like she is the only important thing to you in that very moment. Believe me, she will treat you like a king throughout the evening. And she will probably share the moment with all her close you better make it very memorable and worthy telling ;-) .

For the Woman; Ladies, this is our department..I mean we are naturally romantic. Personally, I am one of the few people I know who are hopelessly romantic...Oh YES I am LOL!. I already told you that I am in Love with Love. Well, if you are one of the 21st century DIVAS, you may wanna start off by going to the beauty parlour for a makeover. Do your nails, your hair, go to the dentist and do your teeth. do a wax in "all areas"..,yes ladies, maybe even a Brazilian wax will be good ;-) . This 2015 Valentine's day falls on a Saturday, a very good day to dump your kids at their grannies if you have kids. Then you wanna make sure you buy a very sexy french lingerie set. And a nice dress but please let it not be RED!Maybe a LBD (Little Black Dress) would be perfect. You can either take him out for dinner (and you pay for it, from the starter to dessert). Get him a perfume that he really likes or the one that you like. A shirt, some underwear would be ok too, but do something extra-ordinary. Spoil him a bit. Let him be your baby for the day, men like to be pampered too. 

If you don't want to take him out for dinner, you can still dress up and have dinner at home. I love candles myself, they bring warmth to a place and they add a bit of cosyness. Light a few candles instead of the lights, buy scented if you like. Cook him a very delicious and exotic dinner...and you have to prepare it from scratch. men love home cooked meal, and if you prepare it with some love, his gonna feel it too. have some dinner, play some romantic songs..,dance a bit if you want, have a bath or shower together.., be creative..sprinkle some rose petals in your bedroom..,after a bath or shower..,let him be the first to leave the bathroom and make him wait for you in the bedroom..while you wear your lingerie, dry your hair...surprise have seen lots of romantic movies before, steal some of those moves and create a moment he will never forget. How the evening ends, its up to you... ;-) .

Crushing on someone?

Having a crush on someone is a wow feeling! Its a very magical feeling. It doesn't matter weather you are old or young, you can have a crush on anyone and the feeling is the same. Actually, the feeling makes you feel young and silly in a way. Remember how you felt when you had your first crush as a teenager, amazing experience.

This valentine's if you are having a crush on someone and you wish they notice you before or on Saturday. What can you do for your crush? If you are loving someone secretly, it means that you know them a little better, i would suggest you get them something personal and if you give it to them on Valentines, they will get the message and they will know that you have been crushing on him/her. Their reaction is totally up to them but don't expect much because they might just not be in the same boat as you are. Don't have high hopes, you might get hurt. For the guys; take your "crush" for a movie or lunch and some flowers too would be a very good ice breaker.


Please show your girlfriend some love if she is single too. go for lunch or dinner. go for a movie or something. Just enjoy each other's company. You don't have to be "coupled up" on Valentines with a man to feel the love. you can be "coupled up with your girlfriend". Otherwise, you can just show yourself some love and spoil yourself. go for a massage, do your hair, nails and maybe even go shopping. make yourself happy and show yourself some love.

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