Ladies, we were created as Super Women! We are strong, beautiful and we are not afraid of anything. We are the flowers of the world so it is said. we can feed the baby, talk on the phone, watch news and cook at the same time. We are Super Women by creation and that is never gonna change. But most of us don't actually know this fact. when it also comes to emotions, we are stronger than what we give ourselves credit for.

But even with this natural power that we have inside, most of us still don't know what we want. Care to ask yourself this question; WHAT DO I WANT? You will get answers within yourself as follows; marriage, family, kids, love, confidence, a new business, a new wardrobe, a car or a new car, friends, care, financial freedom, a house, success, a degree, travelling, new hair style etc. Take your time to discover yourself.

Just on this note; let me just say that most of us we are born originals but we die as copies (borrowed the words of John Mason), why is that? you may ask...,its because we don't know who we are and we live by what it is expected of us by society...,and sometimes we try to live other peoples lives. we copy their sense of fashion, we do what they do and if they post something on Facebook, we want to do the same too and if we see that they are living a certain lifestyle that we want...,we try to live that too.

Just discover yourself and know what you want from deep down your soul because that's what makes you YOU and that's what makes you unique and an ORIGINAL!

And whatever you want, no matter what it is, you can have it and you can be it.


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