What Do You Do For Fun? Simple And Yet A Dreadful Question.

What do you do for fun? A question that mostly come on dates, sometimes on job interviews, even when you meet strangers on a bus or train. This is a very simple question which requires very simple answers and yet its the most dreaded question to most of us, simply because we don't know how to answer it or we just don't know what it means to have "fun".

They say that, if you are asked; what do you do for fun and you don't have an answer to that, it means you do NOT have a life! I somehow agree.
So, lets define FUN shall we? I will take the Wikipedia definition which states; FUN is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. I would say, having fun means doing something you enjoy, taking pleasure in some activity, doing something that amuses you.

Life is too, that's true. We are all gonna kick the bucket sooner all later..I mean, nobody is going to live over 120 years (the bible says, man is to live upto a 120 years) ;-) . So, between now and then, enjoy life and have lots of fun.

Its not difficult to  have a good time. I have a friend in Copenhagen, who somehow inspired me to write this article. He works and at the same time he knows how to have fun, he enjoys being in a company of friends and family. Sometime last month, he was with a couple of friends in Italy and I think he will be in Germany next week with some friends having a good time. When he is not working, he spends sometime with his friends and just enjoy life. Now, to me, that's having fun.

And to many of us, having fun can mean different things. For example, if you ask me, "What do you do for fun? I would list my hobbies, i.e reading, watching movies, writing etc, that sounds boring isn't it? but that's what I enjoy doing..,but again, that depends on how they question is asked or the situation.., otherwise I would add on and say; I enjoy art exhibitions, picnics, walks, taking pictures, cooking. I also love being with my friends, a few months ago, I was back home in Zambia, and my girlfriends and I decided to go on a one day trip, it was fun... click HERE if you want to see some pictures and see where we went. And a few weeks ago, my cousin, Princess Miselo and I were in Copenhagen at Tivoli, we were like little girls again, got on most rides and screamed like kids, That was fun!!

What Having Fun Means To Men

Men are easy. Having fun to most of them means hanging out with the guys and with a couple of beers, watching their favourite sport on a big screen with their pals..and of course with some liquor. Playing some computer games or some pool table. If you ask a guy what they do for fun, that's pretty much what they are gonna tell you or close.

What Having Fun Means To Women

For the ladies, this one is not so easy...because it means different things to different women and mostly it depends on their marital status. Married women and mothers would say; spending time with my husband and my children is fun. And the single ladies would say, shopping and a girls night out is fun.

Anyway, find out what makes you happy today and start doing it and enjoying it. It doesn't matter how busy your life may seem, make time for yourself to do what you enjoy doing. If you are a career/ business man/woman or a busy mother/father, you can still create some time to yourself and enjoy your life. I like the spirit of Richard Branson, for him, you have to have fun even in your busy lives, have fun while doing business. A few months ago, I read his book "Screw It, Lets Do It"..,very inspirational.

Parents, create play dates for your kids and create room for yourselves. The more you feel happy with your life and with yourself, the more you will enjoy being with your family. Same with the single people, having fun doesn't have to cost anything.., make a barbecue at home and invite family and friends over, go out for a picnic or a movie. Find a game that suits you and invite a few friends to play or just have a tea party at home...there are lots of things you can do. I will give you some ideas in my next article.... "20 Things You  Can Do For Fun With Family And Friends".

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