That Awkward Moment..

So, I am dating again after a while. It is exciting and yet scary. I thought I should get back into the game and see what happens.

Anyway, I went on a date last Sunday but it was rather a very interesting date. We had agreed that we meet after Church and do something.  My "date" picked up a place for our meet-up and it was a wildlife reserve. I checked it out and it looked very nice with a variety of animals. Anyway, he got there before I did and when I was finally there, we cued up to buy the tickets. When we reached the ticket desk to buy the ticket, the guy told me he already bought his and when the nice lady by the desk handed me the ticket, I looked at the guy and he still had his hands in his jacket pocket; "are you excepting me to pay?" I asked, and he said yes. Hahahahaha! I reached in my purse to get my credit card and a thought came to mind, if he picked a place and it is our first date, then he has to pay. So, I said I had no money and he finally paid. The first 30 min were so awkward that I had to make fun of the situation by saying; "If you are gonna tell your friends about today, make sure you mention that I am from Africa." We both laughed and the rest of the was good but still intense.

In life, you will always come across some crazy situations or caught up in awkward moments. You can either pray for the ground to swallow you up or you can make fun out of it and move on. With time, its gonna be a wonderful experience to tell your kids. Life is simple, dont complicate it.


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